ALERT! Computer Scammers By Phone?

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ALERT! Computer Scammers By Phone?


Personally I don’t get angry very often, but something that happened to one of our customters recently has just chapped me!  So, we’ll tell you a little story:

You are sitting at home, hanging out at your favorite website ( reading some awesome articles when right in the middle of a great story, your phone rings.  You answer only to hear someone with a thick Indian accent telling you that your computer is infected with viruses and problems.  They insist that your computer is sending their servers errors and they must be fixed.  They instruct you to press the “Windows Key” plus “R” and type in “eventvwr” and press “Enter” to see this:

They assure you that all of those “Errors” are being sent to their server and this is “PROOF” that your computer is infected!  Well, you start to FREAK OUT and wonder why your favorite computer guy hasn’t done his job?!?!  The “technician” lets you know that by letting them work on your computer you will get a 15 year or lifetime warranty for $399.00 and they will help you 24×7.  Well this is an excellent deal!  You let them look at your computer by logging into your computer from India and they start doing some commands and screens that you have never seen come up and they are just wowing you!  (In reality, they are pulling up random windows and typing in random commands that do nothing that have to do with errors or viruses.)

When they are done with the “slight-of-hand” work, they insist on “selling” you a lifetime subscription to an antivirus that is included in the price:  Microsoft Security Essentials or AVG.  (Both are free!)  They will ask you to use your credit card to purchase this great deal on their secure website!  You feel like something was done but WHAT?  So, you call us!

YOU HAVE JUST BEEN SCAMMED!  There is a couple of scamming companies that we have run into recently that have called us and our customers.  The scammer company that called us was “the Technical Department” of my “Windows Computer” called Global IT at  The number they called us from on the caller ID was: 999-910-0328.  This number is a called a “spoof” or fake phone number commonly used by telemarketers and other scammers attempting to be legit so you are not sure who it is.  The numbers this company can be reached at are: 718-593-4198 or 646-867-3751.  Another number that our customers have claimed from a similar company was 253-802-0308.  We found a great website documenting everything the scammer did.  He is a computer tech has a computer science degree (a fellow computer geek) and he recorded the whole (6+ hours) of the scam to expose what they are doing to an unsuspecting customer.  We’ve had several complaints about this scammer.  If you want to check out the whole scam recorded, check out his site at: (1+ hour of video) and the second part is (my favorite) where he calls the “technician” out on his scam: (6+ hours of video).

Second company that we have had to deal with was a company that our customer called for tech support, thought they were getting HP Support, was Bit Resolve of  The technician did not help our customer fix the printer issue, but did the same scam.  They showed our customer the “Event Viewer” screen scaring them into purchasing a warranty to fix the problem.  They remoted into the computer and installed Microsoft Security Essentials saying there was no anti-virus installed.  (The customer had a good, paid anti-virus clearly running with the icon displayed in the system tray!)  They charged the customer $99 for the anti-virus and $49 for the service somehow totaling $149 giving the customer the “Gold Plan.”  The customer called us wanting an explanation.  We called Bit Resolve and demanded a refund for our customer and let them know that they just scammed a sweet, 80 year old widow!  We told them that we are contacting the credit card issuer to stop payment and take action against this scam.  They quickly resolved the issue for our customer by refunding the transaction.  This is the scam that made me write this article.  There are a lot more people out there in this same situation and this needs to be exposed!

Bottom line, BE CAREFUL!  Microsoft or any other company claiming that you are having error messages or reports coming from your computer to them is just a scam and is not true.  No company can track viruses back to your computer.  The only legitimate company that could say that your computer is doing this is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) like Comcast or Qwest (not Centurylink).  They would never charge you to “fix” this issue either.  If you need help or think you have been scammed, call us today and we can help you!  719-494-7043 or email us at!



UPDATE: They have a new site… a customer just contacted me and found out about this scam the hard way.  They are listed here and also are associating with and for their services.  Their new email is now a Hotmail address at and they have an email address at  I personally sent them an email today requesting that they refund my customer.

They also, for some weird reason called us asking to purchase our maintenance package pretending to be a customer from Sydney, Australia.  I’m not making accusations, but three things added up to them.  I just received this email from them at 8:57pm my time today:

Dear Jeremy D. Lane,

Thanks for contacting us. 
This is to inform you that we are Genuine company which provides best tech support of customers, and if you would have checked the computer we worked, you will find that all our technician and worked and cleaned all the Junk files and there were some Virus infections which are healed now and installed MSE to secure the computer.

I am not sure with which company you are trying to link us with. 

The customer you have mentioned has enrolled for 2 Years subscription, in which she will get complete 2 years technical support for her computer, with our regular check up calls to speed up the Pc and cleaning of Junk files.

As far as your Web page in concerned you can post anything you like but before that you must take some time to check whether you are doing is Right?
We have no links with GLOBAL PC PROTECTION mentioned and we did the job we had charged for.

This might be as you feel insecure as we provide Very best services at very reasonable price as we charge USD 189.99 for the same service you charge USD 400 as per your website. So better edit the page or else it is very simple for us to create page for FASTLANE PC SCAMMER AS WELL which we don’t want to do.

Now, as far as refund is concerned if the customer is not happy with the Services and her Pc performance after the work done, she can directly email us back for the refund and then only refund will be proceed which will be credited to her account in 3-4 business days.

 Thank you

James Parker


This email is copied directly from my inbox.  The part that gave it away is my inbox says “From: GLOBAL PC <>”.  This is generated in your email client to say who it is from when the sender sets up the email client.  Apparently they forgot to change that part.  Just a tip, if you are using Outlook, it is under “More Settings…”, “General” settings tab where it says “Organization:”.  I know they read this earlier and maybe they could use this tip!

They called me at 9:17pm my time right after I read this email.  I usually do not answer, but that lead to the second tip off.  The call was from that magic number mentioned earlier: 999-910-0328.  *Sigh*  Ok, so I listened and played along.  The person with a strong accent (obviously not Australian) gave the final clue it was them.  He stated his name was “John” and told me he just had a scammer stating he was with Microsoft log into his computer and wanted $180 to fix his computer.  He wanted to know what to do next.  I asked if he gave them his credit card and he said no.  I told him there was nothing to do.  Then he wanted to purchase my one year maintenance contract I offer for $200.  I told him that I only offer that to customers in Colorado and since he was in “Sydney” then he should contact someone in that area to check his computer by going to of which I am a member.  That was it and hung up.  Weird…  As far as editing my page, not going to happen unless they can close their business for good or become a legitimate help, not a scammer!  If they want to post a site containing that my business is a scam, you guys are welcome to leave a link below to your article with facts of how we scam people.  I’d love to have people check it out!

Some notes… take some time and look at their new site.  Go to: 1: Read their privacy policy with a lot of information regarding  They didn’t take the time to update the URL on their Privacy Policy.  2. None of the “Follow Us” features work.  3. The email is not correct: is a legit company helping people in the Public Safety sector.  4. All over the site there are major grammatical issues including bad English and random punctuation.  Now I’m not an English major, but even I can spot these!  Maybe they can fix these items so they can “appear” legit.  Come on guys.  I can pick your site apart all day!

41 Responses to “ALERT! Computer Scammers By Phone?”

  1. Stacy

    Jeremy: You did a great job alerting others. I had placed a call to KKTV Action Alert, on Thanksgiving,before calling you. They only work certain days. When they return my call, I’ll refer them to your article here.

    Thank you, I feel affirmed!


  2. Heard you on Podnutz with Alan. Great information…. thanks. I have posted a link on my Google+ and LinkedIn+ back to your post to try and spread the word). Nice job!

    • jeremy

      Thank you John! I appreciate the links and I know Alan does too! Get more people talking about this and we can teach our customers to blow them off.

  3. LOL, I see that there were even too lazy to pick new fake names. James Parker is a name they used before, he wasn’t an accountant last time though. I guess he switched jobs. 🙂

  4. They build web sites just as good as they fix computers.

    Have a look at the email address shown in the footer of the web site under the address section. The shown domain is not even their domain! The actual embedded link is correct though. But now have a look at the displayed and embedded email link on their contact page. Both are wrong! I guess the long URL that they ended up with was just a bit too long for the page layout. 🙂

  5. Tim

    these guys were very convincing, but I smelled something phishy! luckily I was able to type in the 646 8673751 to my phone browser and came back with many heeded warnings. I went as far as. calling the number and they answer stating they are a windows 7 support company who works for Microsoft. I nordmally don’t waste my time even answering calls with numbers such as the 999 listed, but these guys are dangerously good. special thanks to the individual who recorded and posted their interaction with them! cheers

  6. roofy

    no you are wrong how you can say that they are doing scam, i am with those guys since three months and they are really very good. Yeah you are right that they are not from the Microsoft or Hp they are a kind of third party but they are really very good in there work. I had a problem with my Windows XP and i was really frustrated with that because on internet i was not able to find any solution then i had a word with those guys and they just charged me $29.99 and they fix my issue in just half an hour amazing and also my computer run fast then before i am really very satisfied with those guys they a re really very helpful for me and now i am thinking of registering my computer with those guys for a year.

    • Well good! Again, if you think giving your money to a company that uses deceptive practices, you are more than welcome to. I’m against tricking customers for support when they can get legitimate support without gimmicks and lies. Thanks for your feedback! I do appreciate it.

  7. roofy

    Hey all i think that all of you guys who pas comment don’t have mind can’t you see that he just by saying other Technical Support companies as the scammer just advertising his own technical support company which is more costly also, FASTPCLANE you are f*cking Creep.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way. Using profanity and calling me names does not help your case. I’m not against other technicians or other tech companies, I’m against companies that falsify information to get customers to purchase something they do not need through scare tactics. I hope you are a really good technician and you get better. Work will come to you when you do a good job, not when someone is thinking they are getting help through a threat a “virus” and saying you are from Microsoft. That is a deceptive practice and considered illegal in the United States. If your company was in the US, they would be sued out of existence.

  8. Kazza

    These people are a pain in the backside – they call us at least 3 times a day – telling us we have a problem with our Windows machine, when we point out that we run linux – click a dead phone. My hubby had a bit of fun with them on a previsou call, let them go through there stuff (its sounds scripted), and he acted really thick (he is an electronics engineer so pcs have no fear for him), and after a lengthy call – he asked how would he know which PC had the problem – the answer was – all of them !! after that we left the phone on the table why he went to check the PC’s ip addresses – after about 15 mins he went back to the phone onely to find the other end had disconnected – but they still keep calling!!

  9. Susan Banks


    I am in contract with hitech pc people, they had provided all the services they had promised for, though they had tried to ask money again in 3 months which I refused as I had contract for 5 years, but they had fixed my crazy computer and provide best support.

    I like this company.



    • Susan, your experience is rare. Anyone who calls people randomly and tells them there are problems with their computers when there are not in my professional opinion are scamming people. Most of my customers are older and not very technically savvy and have been scared into purchasing support they never needed. Glad they are working for you, but I would suggest you are not getting the quality of service you think you are paying for. Let me know and keep us posted.

  10. C. Webster

    The “technical dept. of windows computer” man called me this evening–heavy Indian accent, and the same routine you describe. He was insistent that I turn on my computer. I asked for his phone # and got the 646 867 3751 one. When I asked for his email, he hung up on me. It startled me because I have had Internet problems this week, and thought there might really be a virus.

  11. PanMan

    Nice one! I only managed to keep the bas*ards on the line for 40 minutes and when they finally rumbled me (at the point when they asked me to press “windows+r” the language out of them was not very nice, in fact the guy completely lost it and was almost having an apoplectic fit. I wished him, his mother and all his ancestors all the best and expressed the hope that he would lead a long healthy life, then hung up.

  12. PanMan

    Another thing occurred to me, next time I will go “all the way” using a virtual machine (like Alan did) and go for the record – but tell me, I was thinking they were trying to dump malware on my machine, is it just “scare” tactics they are using? Mind you they also end up with your credit card details if you fall for it, perhaps this is the worst thing about this scam?

  13. LTM

    This just happened to my parents tonight and I am a little worried. Unfortunately they fell for it and I had them call their credit card company to cancel the payment. But what about their access to my parents computers? Should I be worried? What can and should I do to make sure their information and access to their computer is safe?

  14. Clueless AR

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! they called me a couple of hours ago but I KNEW if there was a problem with my computer our local server guy would tell us. I was so close to getting that program but good thing I did some research first…

  15. Dear Jeremy;

    I’m a middle age Para educator with profound love for computers; most of the time, I’m busy with life, but when I started started receiving these outrageous telephone calls telling me my computer had “veerus” and I needed to turn it on, etc as you well described here, I decided I should do something about it!
    During years we were bombarded by the “Nigerian scam”, I lost use of few emails accounts due to the amount of spam, but they really never came inside my house!
    So I started recording, and made 2 sets of records, one for their first step, when they still didn’t give me their address and telephone and where really nasty angry Indian accent people, to this new step, where they use a woman ( still one can feel her rush behind the apparently calm voice) and she provides me with a (fake) address and telephone number.
    Boy, I got what I wanted there! I went to Google and came with a bunch of information from WHOIS and Google; now I’m spending my time building two blogs – one and the other ihatescammers in wordpress ( not started yet).
    In these pages I want to start exposing all their “scam” ( didn’t want to write the correct word here) , make connection with people like you (and the work you do), to together, return to these scammers a bit of the hassle they gave to us.
    Also I think about the people less acknowledgeable with computer, and they become prey of this low lives, and I feel a need to help somehow.

    The only sad point on our side of the history is that MICROSOFT does not provide us ( common people and customers) with a direct portal/contact to where we could go as ask some quick and very helpful question when getting these type of calls:
    – is this for real? are these people really working for you, Microsoft?
    Please take a look at my blog and let me know if I can use part or even redirect my readers to yours.
    About the recordings I made, they are very funny; I exaggerated my “dumbness”, making an easier target; unfortunately they are mp4, I cannot upload yet, but I’m working it out.

    These are their info for now:

    Owner: Vaibhav Gupta
    ADDRESS: Rz-A 1/6 Flat no. 201
    Peepal Street Mahavir Enclave
    New Delhi Delhi,110045 IN
    Tel.: +91.9868054596

    name: V2Serve LLC”address”: 16816 E Highway 40

    Independence, MO,
    64055 (U.S.A.)
    Toll Free: 1-877-805-6353
    Phone: 1-816-217-7653
    Fax: 1-816-841-9556
    Emails:; Email:; Email:

    V2Serve Bpo Pvt. Ltd.
    667, Udyog Vihar phase 5,
    Gurgaon, Haryana,

    +91-955 558 6096
    +91-991 155 7745
    +91-921 028 0843
    Emails: ;;

  16. kumar

    I just got similar call and as soon as I said I am computer software person just hung up. Hope someone put them out.

    • Had one call me while on weekend get away with the wife. I just told him, “You called the wrong guy.” He said, “How’s that?” I said, “I’m a computer tech and aware of your scam.” He laughed and said, “Ok” and hung up.

  17. Richard Kormanik

    Just got this scam attempt by the number 418-001-0070. Same MO, thick indian accent, though a new twist of a world wide hacking attempt on all windows machines using an expoit that he is going to show me how to fix. I am a IT security admin in charge of thousands of machines, from win’dose’, to all the flavours of UNIX/Linux across most of the hardware platforms and so I spent about 20 minutes seeing where this guy was going. I thought he was going to have me give an ip but when we went to the eventvwr screen I figured he was looking for a profile of apps. I had to cut him off when he refused to give me an ip, name, location, or contact number for a security dept., or web addie. Generally, us security types like to talk shop. Seems these sorts are fishing for my parents. I have to now put together a report because they called my work line and I gather that you have an ip gatherer on this site and you can see I work for ATT. If they are calling us internally, then they are getting rather bold indeed.

    • We did the same thing. Matter of fact, I’ve got my trusty Ubuntu install on my laptop and can’t wait for them to call and let them “fix” my Linux distro while scratching their heads. Might even ask them to “fix” my Hackintosh?

  18. Sadie

    This phone call just happened to me, while I was on the phone with the man with a very thick Indian accent, I googled “Eventvwr” And this came up. I told him I was researching his company online. Then he got flustered and started to panic then started speaking to everyone around him in his language.
    Then he said if I do not continue with the process, my computer will shut down and will never run again.
    I told him I would bring it in to my computer tech if I had any problems. Then said I was hanging up the phone.
    He didn’t like that too much and responded with “I am going to turn off your internet for your safety, and protection. I am going to cancel your internet”
    As I responded with “Who is my internet provider? ”
    Then he hung up…
    Be careful!

  19. I just got scammed by this company: EPC Assistant (email removed) They played out to be from Microsoft, I was in a hurry as my computer had this “virus” The voice of a machine saying to contact this scam company. A guy with a super heavy indian accent, his voice kept getting cut off, it was very frustrating moment. I don’t know very much about computers, unfortunately, they went inside my computer and I gave them my credit card information, where they charged me $200 to “clean” my computer from viruses. I just cancelled my credit card. Should I be worried that they have gone inside my computer and have all my information? I am freaking out! Please help!!!
    Thank you!

    • No need to worry. These scammers are mainly interested in your credit card making you act out of fear. If you need assistance you can contact a local computer person in your area to do a check. Ask around with your friends on who they use. They are probably a good company. Just be careful about using someone who is not in business like a friend’s son. They likely will not know what to look for. Thanks for the information! You are also welcome to contact us and we can walk you through some basic steps of cleanup.

  20. […] emails all the time from people who have been scammed. If you have not read my previous article: ALERT! Computer Scammers By Phone? then read it before continuing. There are new ways they are doing things. They have added some […]

  21. Big Momma

    Epcheal, phone #8442340854 is another scammer and does the same. Be forewarned. Now I have a virus on my computer thanks to them. Reported and trying to get $ back

    • Thank you. We keep getting more information all the time about what companies they call themselves. Contact your bank or credit card company and they may be able to reverse the charges since they are scammers. Some banks and CC companies are really good about that.

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