Google to Offer Music Store

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Google to Offer Music Store


Google announced it will be offering a music service that seems to be getting some hype.  Some early reports say that the music store will allow music sharing.  They have released a video explaining what the service is going to look like: check it out here. You can request an invite to the music store (Music Beta) to try it out.  The site states:

Music Beta is a new service from Google that gives you instant access to your personal music collection without the hassle of wires or syncing. Add your music collection and listen on the web or any compatible Android device.

The service seems rather enticing.  Here is their full features list on the “About” page.  Google seems to dominate everything they put their hands to, or at a minimum make a dent in the industry.  With Zune marketplace trying to make an impact, will Microsoft bail?  Will Apple’s  iTunes Store finally have real competition?

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