Parallax…. What is it?

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Parallax…. What is it?
Valve (Steam) has really pushed for great games.  One of the games that made a big splash for the last couple of years is an independent game called Portal.  The latest rendition, Portal 2, turns first person perspective games on their head.  No gory killing and mindless running around killing everything that moves, but the exact opposite.  The great thing about Portal and Portal 2 is that you actually have to think!  It is wonderful when games go from playing against others or computer animated characters for the sole purpose of trying to 1-up someone else.  It is likened to the old game of King-Of-The-Mountain.  No one really wins, just the “bigger” king kicks someone else off the top of the pile!
Independent games are becoming more exciting and mainstream with a more affordable gaming experience.  Parallax from ToastyGames has a new promising game that has been debuted.  They call it a “The interdimensional puzzle platformer.”  The concept is almost “Portal-like” in the respect you actually have to think.  The other amazing thing they have pulled off is the lack of color, but a black and white game that has real promise!  Here is how they describe it:
Parallax is an interdimensional platforming and puzzle-solving game. The goal in each level is to reach the exit by travelling between two overlapping dimensions through rifts. Parallax challenges the player to think beyond the spatial boundaries of traditional platformers.
Check out this video clip:

This game will be one that we will be watching out for!

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