What Is The Best Anti-Virus?

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What Is The Best Anti-Virus?


We are often asked what is the best anti-virus.  We can do this two ways:  Long version and Short version.

Long Version:

According to Wikipedia:

Antivirus or anti-virus software is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware, including but not limited to computer virusescomputer wormtrojan horsesspyware and adware.

Simply put, it is a program this is designed to practically scan every file incoming and outgoing to and from your computer.  We know that Apple touts that you don’t need an anti-virus, well, they put on their site you should use some sort of anti-virus program on their systems.  The Mac OS comes with a minimal version of a free anti-virus called ClamAV.  Mac has bragged for so long they don’t get viruses, but now they are getting them.  Window Vista and 7 get less than 2% of all traditional virus infections.  Here’s the simplest explanation from experience.  Mac’s get less viruses because they are only impacting the computer market in the by about 6%, where Windows machines are hitting 90% world wide.  Now, think about this… I’m a hacker and I want your data and your money.   Will I:  A) “Go for the 6% market share globally” or B) “Go for the 90% and increase my chances of getting what I want?”  Hmmm…. think about it, don’t take too long!  Seriously, the hackers want the bigger share of the pie.  So, one trend that is becoming an issue is the fact that Mac OS sales have hit over 10% market share in the U.S. and the Mac computers cost almost three times the purchase price of a Windows PC.  The hackers are now seeing this as a better chance of stealing from those they consider wealthy since they can afford the more costly computer.  Malware, phishing, viruses (yes, there will be an explanation), and other trickery to separate you and your cash is on the rise for the Mac computers.  Traditional viruses, as was mentioned earlier about Windows Vista and 7, are not limited to just “catching” one in passing.  Mac supporters say that “trojans” don’t count as a virus because you have to download something to get it.  Well, in the shop, customers don’t care about semantics, they just want their computer cleaned and working right.  We service Macs and PCs for hardware, software, and malware removal.  In our opinion, no matter how you got the virus, it is still a virus.  So, the best anti-virus is the one that will help you to catch the accidental downloads.  Also, a big part of the protection is keeping your computer up to date from the OS updater whether it is a Mac or PC.

Short Version:

Any computer; Mac, PC, Android, Linux, or whatever “out of the box” are virus free and are very secure!  The problem is when you start using your shiny new computer.  The blame is put on the computer when it is the user.  The best anti-virus is YOU.  Be smart.  Don’t be quick to jump on the “Free” software.  Do your homework and see if anyone else has given it high reviews.  Google search for “[your product] virus” or replace virus with ‘malware’ or ‘spyware’ or ‘trojan.’   You would be surprised how an innocent download of a “Free” screensaver just infected your shiny new PC!  Keep away from the naughty sites, porn, drugs, illegal software hacks, and any other sites that promote this behavior.  Just think for a second and realize that if they are offering maliciously intended information or products, they themselves are not there to “help” you.  They will rip you off in a heartbeat.  Stay smart and if you don’t know where to get legit stuff, call or email us and we can help!

Anti-Virus software we recommend: Sophos Anti-Virus Free for the Mac and Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows.

If you are interested on what is the best Anti-Virus Suite, Leif Glass from AnyPCService.com has a great blog article: Internet Security Suite.







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